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What our users are saying:

"This service actually saved my butt the other day. I had a meeting and I remembered writing down the details on a piece of paper but I couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't remember where the meeting was or what time it was either. I also couldn't remember where I wrote it down. Luckily for me, after I wrote it, I typed it into the service. That would have been so embarrassing if I would have had to call someone and say 'Hi, I know I have a meeting with you today but I don't remember when or where'."
- Donyell Nelson, Internet Business Class

"I think this is great... I just wish you told me this morning about it because I have a list of stuff i need to do for PMR, and i wrote it down on paper and forgot the damn thing...also, I think its GREAT that you have RSS feeds!!! I'm going to use it for PayMyRent.Net, and I'm going to have the RSS feed for our stuff to do be public knowledge so that all our users can know what we are doing!!! In case you cant tell, I think you have hit the nail on the head with this RSS feed stuff...I was trying to figure out a worthwhile reason for using it, and i think you beat me to the punch! One of the few times I love to be beaten!"
- Paul Allen, PayMyRent.net

"I think simple stripped down online to do lists are fantastic. You often do not need a bloated piece of management software just to so you end up completely ignoring your to do list. What is great about be able to grant permissions on your lists is the ability to interact with your clients in a new way. They can easily assign you tasks or check the status of very simple items. Often clients need you to do a list of things, right? Why not setup a to do list online for them and then you can check it when you go in to see them. Then everyone is on the same page."
- JtR, Software Over Easy

"iPrioritize is a great simple interactive task list where you can drag and drop your task to prioritize them. The best feature about iPrioritize is that wherever you have internet access you can access your task list - on your mobile phone or computer. I use it for personal and business use and it is definitely great for keeping track of all your task in one place and access it almost anywhere, anytime. I love the simplicity of it and it's better than having a bunch of paper lists everywhere!"
- Michael Li, ChineseFoodAmerica.com

"iPrioritize really has made organizing my day much easier and effective. It is exactly what I need to keep my business running smoothly. Not only does it let me stay on top of my own tasks, but it allows the other members on my team keep on the same page. Have your to-do lists on hand using email, RSS, print, or even have them sent to your mobile phone. iPrioritize skips the jumble that comes with other daily organizer services and keeps it simple. In my opinion, iPrioritize is essential for any business that wants to keep on top and execute like it should be doing."
- Rohail Rizvi, Walamu.com

"iPrioritize helps me to manage my web services business and stay on top of my to-do list. Managing tasks based on their priority instead of a due date is crucial to the company's success. I'm a big fan of the RSS feed because it lets me publish finished and unfinished tasks so my customers know where their projects stand in real time."
- Keeton Harrington, Danifer Web Services