iPrioritize Helping Students Get Organized for Free

Started by a recent college graduate, iPrioritize is catching on with students because of its ease of use and innovative marketing. The free service allows users to create lists to organize schoolwork and other tasks, and then email them, print them, share them with others, and even check them from their mobile phone.

Albany, NY September 13, 2006 - As college students return to classes this fall, many of them are finding a new aid to help them manage their increasingly busy schedules. No, Starbucks didn't add more caffeine to their coffee. They are discovering iPrioritize (www.iPrioritize.com), a website that helps them organize their tasks with online to-do lists.

People have been making lists for years, so what's so special about iPrioritize? For starters, since it's online it's available everywhere you have access to the internet, which for a student these days is pretty much everywhere. When you can't get to the internet, you can log in to your account from your mobile phone (really useful for shopping lists). Users who sign up for a free account can also email lists, print lists, and share lists with others.

Started earlier this year by Adam McFarland, iPrioritize has also garnered attention for its unique MySpace marketing campaign (www.myspace.com/iprioritize). "We created a persona around the 'i' stick figure in the iPrioritize logo and called him the 'i-Guy'," said McFarland. "He's got the interests of a typical college kid, he likes girls and sports and popular movies, and we've posted fake photos of the i-Guy hanging out with friends."

To keep people coming back, the i-Guy posts "videos of the week" which have ranged from hilarious clips from the Ali-G show to an impressive guitar performance by a college kid, and created frequently updated blog written by the fictitious i-Guy. "The MySpace campaign has been really interesting," adds the 24 year old McFarland. "We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from people. Most students absolutely love the whole thing and embrace how interactive it is. We also get a lot of people who ask 'who are you?' I don't they get many friend requests from a blue letter i."

For additional information, contact Adam McFarland or visit http://www.iprioritize.com.

About iPrioritize:

Launched in June 2006, iPrioritize is the next generation of list making. Your pen and paper list is transformed into a live list that can be edited at any time from any place in the world. It's easy for you to email and print your list, subscribe to your list via RSS, and share your list with others. Users on the go can even edit their lists on their mobile phone!


Adam McFarland