iPrioritize Offering Free Business Accounts to All Non-profit Organizations

iPrioritize announced today that they are offering their web-based task management service free of charge to all non-profit organizations. The shared to-do list service gives users the ability to assign and track tasks across an organization or group of users.

Albany, NY September 8, 2006 – iPrioritize has announced that they are offering free business accounts to all non-profit organizations. The service provides web-based to-do lists that can be used to assign, track, edit, and update tasks across a group of users. Business accounts, normally $10/month or $100/year, give users the ability to view and edit other users lists.

iPrioritize (www.iPrioritize.com) can be used to organize and prioritize your workload with lists of upcoming tasks, to assign tasks to your employees to-do lists, and to see what other members of a team are working on. You can also generate a permanent web page for a list so that clients can track the status of a project.

By giving away their service, iPrioritize hopes to inspire other businesses to do the same. “We certainly want to make money and be profitable, but we also want to help serve a greater social cause. Most non-profits are heavily under funded as it is, so it's my belief that they shouldn't have to pay for all of the things that for-profit businesses do,” says Adam McFarland, the founder of iPrioritize.

“If all businesses gave what they had – be it computer software or office furniture – than non-profits would be able to focus their time and money on achieving their goals and ultimately improving our world. Giving an iPrioritize account might not seem like a big deal, but it can drastically help improve organization and communication in the workplace, and it's really easy to use. Our hope is that the added efficiency will help non-profit organizations thrive,” adds McFarland.

In addition to the business account, a free account is also available for individuals looking to organize their own work, school work, chores, or shopping lists.

For additional information or to request free accounts for your organization, contact Adam McFarland or visit http://www.iprioritize.com.

About iPrioritize:

Launched in June 2006, iPrioritize is the next generation of list making. Your pen and paper list is transformed into a live list that can be edited at any time from any place in the world. It's easy for you to email and print your list, subscribe to your list via RSS, and share your list with others. Users on the go can even edit their lists on their mobile phone!


Adam McFarland