iPrioritize Offers Businesses an Inexpensive Way to Get Organized

iPrioritize announced today that they have launched simple, web-based software to help businesses and individuals organize their tasks. Businesses users can sign up for an account for less than $10/month and have the ability to view and edit their employees' tasks. All users can access their accounts from the web, on their mobile phones, or subscribe via RSS.

Albany, NY June 13, 2006 – iPrioritize has launched a web-based service that enables people to quickly and efficiently organize their tasks. The site offers a free account for individual users and a business account costing $10/month or $100/year for groups of users.

iPrioritize (www.iPrioritize.com) helps solve the universal problem of prioritizing work and communicating those priorities to others. A large part of the dilemma that currently exists is that most people don't use a calendar to prioritize their work. They might use a calendar for their meetings and appointments, but rarely to arrange their tasks. Instead most people make lists. Many people still use paper and pencil, while others use desktop software.

iPrioritize is the next generation of list making. Your pen and paper list is transformed into a live list that can be edited at any time from any place in the world. It's easy for you to email and print your list, subscribe to your list via RSS, and share your list with others. Users on the go can even check their lists on their mobile phone.

“Throughout my academic and professional life, I've seen a universal problem: the inability to prioritize work. Not only individually, but as a group or department as well,” says Adam McFarland, the founder of iPrioritize. “iPrioritize is exactly what you need to get organized and nothing more. The simplicity of the application coupled with its universal accessibility on the web makes it something truly unique.”

The free account is geared towards students and individuals who want to organize their work, chores or shopping lists. Business accounts cost $10/month or $100/year and allow the user the ability to view and edit an unlimited number of free accounts (with permission of course). This allows managers to efficiently keep tabs on what their employees are doing without being intrusive.

For additional information, contact Adam McFarland or visit http://www.iprioritize.com.

About iPrioritize:

iPrioritize was started by Adam McFarland in June 2006. The company's mission is "To provide technically savvy businesses and individuals with a simple, low-cost priority management solution. We will help you organize your work and simplify your life by enabling you to spend less time planning and more time doing."

Adam McFarland also owns SportsLizard.com, a sports collectibles marketplace that recently won Honorable Mention in the Microsoft Start Something Amazing Awards and was featured in the February 2006 issue of Tuff Stuff Magazine.


Adam McFarland