iPrioritize Closing on 1/31/2019

After 12+ years I've made the difficult decision to shut down iPrioritize. With the success of our e-commerce store Detailed Image, we've been unable to maintain or improve iPrioritize for many years now.

Instructions for exporting your to-do lists can be found below. There are many great to-do list services out there. My favorite is Remember the Milk, but Todoist, Wunderlist, and Google Tasks all have very strong followings.

We're holding on to the domain name with an eye on rebooting the service at some point in the future. You can follow my blog if you're interested in learning more about our upcoming projects.

Thanks so much for being a part of iPrioritize. I hope that we helped improve your productivity a tiny bit!

- Adam McFarland, Founder of iPrioritize and Co-Owner of Pure Adapt, Inc

Instructions for Exporting Your Tasks

You can download your iPrioritize tasks for each of your lists by downloading your RSS feed. Your tasks will be in a standard XML format that you can use to import into the software or service of your choice. The steps below outline how to import your tasks into Microsoft Excel. From there, you can either manage your to-do list in spreadsheet format, or export it to one of the many formats supported by Excel (CSV, TXT, XLS, and more). If you do not use Microsoft Excel, similar steps can be followed for free spreadsheet software such as Libre Office Calc. Please remember to complete this before 1/31/2019.

Step 1: Log in to your iPrioritize account and navigate to a list. Click the subscribe to this list via RSS link iPrioritize export

Step 2: Your RSS feed will open in a new tab. Save a copy to your computer by clicking Ctrl + S on Windows or Cmd + S on a Mac. You now have a backup of your list in XML format! Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each of your lists. iPrioritize export

Step 3 (Optional): Open the XML file from Step 2 in Microsoft Excel. Accept prompts to open As an XML table and then for Excel to create a schema based on the XML source data
iPrioritize export
iPrioritize export
You'll likely want to remove columns A, C-K, and N. You'll be left with three columns: your list title, your task (including whether it's complete or incomplete), and any notes that you entered for the task.
iPrioritize export