Using Outlook if you have several accounts

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When I logged into Outlook this morning and clicked on my iPrioritize folder I was taken to the permission failed page. I thought to myself, "that's impossible, I tested the new Outlook cookie settings in every scenario I could think of." Of course I was wrong. If you use several accounts in your primary browser and already have Outlook configured for one account, it is possible that the "most recent list cookie" is set to a to do list in the other account, and when Outlook redirects you to your most recent list, iPrioritize realizes that it's for a different account and denies you access.

There are two solutions to this problem:
  1. Delete all of the cookies in your browser and re-configure iPrioritize in Outlook.
  2. Open your browser, log-in to the account you have configured for Outlook, and click on a list. This will set the "most recent list cookie" to this list, making the account available in Outlook.

The good news is that from what I can tell I was the only person to encounter this problem (I have all sorts of auto emails that get sent to me when someone encounters an error and every once in a while they actually come in handy).


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