Some recent press mentions

If you haven't checked out the press archive lately, there's been a steady flow of coverage of iPrioritize. Among my favorites:

  • Review on How to Advertise - "I’m particularly pleased with iPrioritize because of its simplistic approach to an equally simple task. I like that Adam has developed an application made to do one thing really well rather than trying to release another multifunction task manager/calendar/scheduling program that’s overly complicated and too cumbersome to use. We have too many of those already."

  • Article in The BG News (Bowling Green's student newspaper) - "New help has arrived to aid college students and businesses to manage their busy schedules instead of the old fashioned technique of making handwritten to do lists. Now with the assistance of iPrioritize.com which launched in June 2006, people can access their to-do lists virtually anywhere they are. People can now log on from their mobile phone and can e-mail lists, print lists, and share lists with others, Adam McFarland, the creator of iPrioritize.com, said."

  • Review on BestBizCom - "Some of the features are unlimited lists, unlimited tasks for each list, web page to share you lists with others, use Microsoft Outlook 2003, recover any accidentally deleted lists or tasks and even allow unlimited business users to view and edit lists. It’s free to sign up. For small businesses there is a $10 month/or $100 a year for this service and that’s a steal."

Thanks to everyone who has helped grow iPrioritize!


My font dilemma

OK, I need your help on this one. When I was designing the iPrioritize logo (long before the site design was started), I chose the font Myriad Web Pro because I thought it looked best. So when I started working on the site, I again chose Myriad Web Pro for the site. From what I researched, it's an Adobe font (meaning you have to pay for it) that became popular when Apple started using it in their marketing and packaging in 2002.

So I think Myriad Web Pro is the PERFECT font for iPrioritize. Much like Apple and their products, I want the iPrioritize brand to convey simplicity and style. The problem is, however, that Myriad Web Pro does not come installed by default on Windows (it does come installed on Mac's). Here's a picture of what iPrioritize looks like with Myriad Web Pro.

As any site designer knows, you have the option to specify a backup font in case users don't have your primary font (which will obviously happen quite often with iPrioritize). The problem is that I can't find a font that everyone has that I feel makes iPrioritize consistently look close to as good as it does with Myriad.

My solution was NOT to specify a backup font. For most people, that means that they see the site in Times New Roman (a pretty ugly font in my opinion) BUT they have the option of changing it to whatever font they like in the settings for their browser. So if they like Arial or Verdana, it's just a matter of changing their preferences in their browser.

Now I ask you, would it be better for me to pick the second best font (in my opinion), which would probably be Arial Narrow, or should I continue to let most people see the site in Times New Roman (which is less than desired) knowing that they can change it if they want?