One minor fix and a few random things

Nothing major, but a few little things:

  • The "refer your friends page" from last post wasn't working properly (any email address in the first field wasn't receiving the invitation). That's been fixed

  • The user that pointed the above error out to me had just signed up for a business account and was inviting all of their employees to sign up for an account. To be honest, I actually hadn't considered that as a potential use for the "refer a friend" feature, but what a great idea! It does make it easier for a manager to invite all of their employees!

    The whole time I was thinking it would just be cool for people to be able to tell their friends without having to send them all an email...and that maybe it would encourage people to spread the word a bit more because we do all of the work for you. In reality, that's probably a much better use for it :)

  • I've been continuously trying my best to keep the Press Section up to date, and this week I found a few interesting things to add, mainly that iPrioritize was named Cool Site of the Day by Coolpick.com.

  • New feature suggestions keep pouring in from users and I'm beginning to think about when I'm going to start working on version 2.0. We're still going to stick to the procedure I outlined a while back, but it's beginning to look like certain features are much more desired (like due dates and email reminders) so I'd expect those to be the next things added. It changes every day, but I'll probably start programming some time in December and hopefully by early 2007 we'll a new and improved product.

That's all, have a good weekend everyone.


Invite your friends to try iPrioritize

Today I added a "refer your friends" page where you can type in your friends email addresses and we'll take care of sending them an email invitation to iPrioritize. You can find the link to the page on your 'my account' page when you log in.

Hopefully this will inspire all of you out there who want to tell people about iPrioritize, but are too lazy to type up an email and hit send :)


iPrioritize Free for Non-profit Organizations

I've been meaning to get to this for a while, but today I made it official - iPrioritize is (and hopefully always will be) 100% free for all non-profit organizations. I just posted a press release in our press section and will distribute it to the media over the coming days. If you know an organization that would be interested, you can have them contact me directly at adam.mcfarland@iprioritize.com or 518-632-4299.

Most non-profits are heavily under funded and I personally don't think that they should have to pay for the things that for-profit businesses should. If every business - whether it be a software company, office furniture company, or a law firm - offered their products and services for free (or close to free) than non-profits could spend more time making the world a better place and less time worrying about increasing expenses.