Sessions no longer expire after 30 minutes; testimonials page live

After a considerable number of complaints from frequent users, I've changed the application so that you no longer are automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. It is somewhat standard for a session cookie to expire after said 30 minutes, and I know of other applications that do the same thing so I didn't think much about it when developing iPrioritize.

However, I failed to realize just how many users would keep iPrioritize open all day long. They leave their desk for a little while, come back and begin entering tasks, only to be kicked out. Now every page automatically refreshes every 20 minutes when logged in to prevent you from ever reaching 30 minutes of inactivity.

Also, after a really cool email from Donyell Nelson, I decided to start a testimonials page. Check out Donyell's great iPrioritize story and a few more on our new testimonials page.

Oh, and if you've got something good to say, email me a testimonial at adam.mcfarland@iprioritize.com and I'll post it and include a link back to your site :)


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