iPrioritize in Microsoft Outlook 2003

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If you're a Microsoft Outlook user and an iPrioritize user, it's no longer necessary to keep a browser window open all day long in addition to having Outlook open. Without installing any additional software, you can now fully utilize your iPrioritize account from within Microsoft Outlook.

Follow these three steps and you'll be using your iPrioritize account in Outlook within minutes:

  1. In Outlook, create a new mail folder (File -> New -> Folder, or right click on an existing folder and select New Folder). Make sure that the folder is for Mail and Post Items and name it iPrioritize Lists or whatever you want.

  2. Right click on the new folder and select Properties. In the Homepage tab, enter http://www.iprioritize.com/outlook.php as the address and check the Show home page by default for this folder tab and click OK.

  3. Select your iPrioritize Lists folder and log in to your iPrioritize account.

That's it! You will only have to log in once per session of Outlook. So if you open Outlook in the morning when you arrive and close it when you leave, you will only have to enter your email and password once a day (not true anymore!).

There are a few small caveats however.

It works well if you have Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox as your default browser. I haven't yet been able to test it with alternative browsers, although it should work if iPrioritize works in the browser.

Each time you move away from your folder (say to view your email) and come back, you will be taken back to the last list you worked on. So if you were on the My Account page when you left you will still be taken back to your most recently edited list as opposed to the My Account page.

To log out, you must close Outlook (the log out button within iPrioritize will appear to work, but the next time you click on the folder you will be brought back to the last list you were working on).

Those last two are caused by the fact that Outlook actually logs you out every time you switch away. So to prevent you from having to log back in every time, iPrioritize creates a temporary cookie that logs you back in and directs you to your most recently visited list. The only way to delete said cookie (that I'm aware of) is to log out of Outlook.

I think that this is a great feature that many of our users will be able to take advantage of. Feel free to drop me an email at adam.mcfarland@iprioritize.com if you have any feedback. Enjoy!


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