It's been a few weeks since I last posted anything so I figured I'd give you guys a quick update.

  • Accounts are still signing up at a rate that even I didn't expect (and believe me, I had high expectations) and thankfully there have been very few technical errors (hence very few blog posts). Most of the small tech problems that we did have were worked out in the first few days.

  • I apologize for the downtime early last week - hopefully that's not something that happens very often. We still have over 99.5% uptime for the short life of the site but hopefully that will improve to 99.9% in the coming months.

  • In the coming months I will begin to start working on an application upgrade so feel free to email suggestions to adam.mcfarland@iprioritize.com. There will be a poll for users to vote for features so I want to make sure that every feasible idea is on the ballot. I've received some great suggestions so far so keep them coming.

  • Oh, and I was on a recent episode of Bold Business Talk if anyone wants to hear me ramble about being a young entrepreneur.

I think that's all for now...


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