Application upgrade procedure

I've been getting asked a lot lately about when there will be feature upgrades and what they will be. I've said all along that will depend on what our users tell us. Although we have many loyal users, we are still only 6 weeks old and still have less than 1,000 users.

The users I have spoken to have all had great suggestions, but there has not been one thing that everyone suggested. It's more like 10 or 15 common suggestions, some contradictory. If there were any unanimous suggestions I would be working on them.

Now, am I going to let this stop us from ever upgrading the application? Of course not. In an attempt to make the process as democratic as possible, here's how I'm going to handle it:

  1. I will continue to make note of everyone's suggestions. In the coming months I will meet with a board of advisors (all users) and we will discuss each option, how much work it will take, and whether or not it deserves to be voted upon.

  2. Sometime in the fall (hopefully when we are around 3k or 4k users) I will email every registered user with a link to a survey. This will be your chance to vote. There will likely be several different polls - maybe one for aesthetic features, another for business account features, another for mobile features, etc.

  3. I will spend a significant amount of time analyzing the data from the survey results (one of the rare chances that I get to directly apply my industrial engineering degree:)). There's no limit to how many features will be added, but it may get tough if two top features (say 38% approval and 34% approval) are contradictory and can't be done if the other is done. In that case, I'll do the best I can to make the decision that I think is best for the majority of users and the future of the business.

  4. I'll start working on the programming. Features will probably roll out over the course of the following few months (end of 2006, beginning of 2007) depending on the complexity. I'll do my best to take care of the easiest stuff first so you don't have to wait to see some results.

I know that's not perfect, but it's the best system I could come up with. As always, feel free to let me know your ideas by emailing me at adam.mcfarland@iprioritize.com or by commenting on this blog.

The most important thing to me throughout the whole process will be to hold true to the core values of iPrioritize. That means we aren't going to try to be something we're not (most notably calendar software or project management software). We believe in doing one thing (to-do lists) and doing it as best we can. There is more than enough room for improvement as a to-do list.

So, in short, there are no major upgrades coming soon but there is a plan to implement upgrades democratically in the near future :)

*Note - upgrades are different from fixing problems. I will continue to fix any programming glitches you encounter. Along those lines: for you RSS subscribers out there, I recently fixed a bug that would cause a feed error when you used certain symbols (most notably an ampersand) in your notes. Hopefully that's the end of all RSS problems.


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