Firefox lists looking better; welcome del.icio.us users!

This morning I fixed something that had been annoying me for quite some time. The lists in Firefox were offset to the right about 20 pixels or so and they looked out of place compared to the perfectly aligned lists in IE. I noticed that visitors to iPrioritize are equally likely to be using Firefox as Internet Explorer (IE barely leads 45% to 44%). It's nice to see such technically savvy users! But I figured I should probably fix that issue if it was going to be affecting so many. So after about an hour of playing around with my CSS I fixed it and I'm happy to say that iPrioritize looks equally impressive in all browsers :)

Also, we had a LARGE wave of traffic and new users yesterday, primarily due to iPrioritize being listed on the "popular" page at del.icio.us. Thanks to all del.icio.us users for spreading the word and welcome to iPrioritize!


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