The decision to add advertising

When iPrioritize was launched I wasn't sure who the majority of users would be. I wanted to target small businesses, but I knew it just as easily could catch on with individuals - whether it be programmers, writers, students, or housewives. There was initially no advertising on iPrioritize in hopes that business accounts would generate enough revenue, but knowing in the back of my mind that we would probably need to put some ads on free accounts to maximize revenue.

After a mere two weeks it's become clear that the majority of users (well over 99%) are individuals. This may change, but for now iPrioritize needs to make some $ off all of the free users. There are now two ads, one on each side of your list, when you log into your free account. If you really, really like iPrioritize and really, really hate the ads then I would encourage you to sign up for a business account which will always be ad free.

From a business standpoint, this is a good thing because it takes pressure off having to sell business accounts. With free accounts generating revenue, it will likely make us more likely to target students and individuals as opposed to small and large companies. I *think* that it's better for iPrioritize and its users in the long run if the user base is primarily individuals. That prevents a few large business clients from dictating policy and keeps an even playing field for all members. The last thing I want to see happen is to have one large business with several hundred business accounts that iPrioritize is dependent on. Hopefully by making business accounts and free accounts "equal" with advertising, that won't happen and each user will have a fair say in future upgrades and changes.


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