New Version Finally Released!

I know it's been a while, but we have finally released a new version of iPrioritize. Thank you to those loyal users who constantly email us with suggestions, and to those in the blogsphere who have reviewed the product - you've inspired us to begin taking iPrioritize to the next level.

There are 3 major changes you'll notice:

  • Business accounts are gone - every account now has full access to all of the features, including list sharing.
  • Aesthetic upgrade bringing the site into the 21st century, and solving our font problems and widening the tasks so they can fit more on one line.
  • Removal of all forms of advertising

New iPrioritize


Version 2.0 Coming Soon - Free for Everyone!

In the coming days we'll be rolling out version 2.0 of iPrioritize. In addition to a major aesthetic upgrade, we will be making the features of the existing Business Account FREE for everyone. Existing subscriptions for Business Accounts will be cancelled (recent payments will be refunded), and everyone's free account will be upgraded! Stay tuned for more details.


List sorting problem

We're aware that there is a problem re-ordering lists and will be working on a fix ASAP. This likely has something to do with our new server...I'll keep you posted.

Problem solved, there was a faulty database connection. You will probably need to delete your temporary internet files for it to work properly - it's relying on an external file and your browser saves those usually to speed up your browsing experience.


Scheduled Downtime - 4/21/07

We're moving iPrioritize to a much faster (and hopefully much more reliable) server on Saturday April 21, 2007. There will be some downtime between 8 AM EST and 12 PM EST, although it should only be a little while. You'll probably want to avoid making any changes to your list during this period because there's a chance that it will be lost during the database migration.

I appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

//Update 4-21-07 11:17 AM EST
Everything went well and we're up and running on the new server. I also apologize for the unexpected down time the past few days for the mobile site - it is working fine now.


Hovering paperclip now displays notes

I've made it so that if you hover over a paper clip it displays the corresponding notes without you having to click the paper clip or the edit button.

View notes by hovering over the paper clip

This isn't a huge feature by any means, but one that's kind of cool and I think very practical. There are a few minor problems with it - I had to remove the line breaks (so your notes are displayed without line breaks), and if you have a reaaaaaalllllllllllllllly long word, it can hang over the outside of the box. Other than that I think this is a nice little time saver when viewing your notes.